Clothing Products


Here at MX Wholesale we’re all about providing you with the highest quality goods at the lowest possible prices so that you can stock your retail business full of goods that will have your customers paying return visits and returning you fantastic profits. We understand that when it comes to clothing, the quality of the garment is highly noticeable, even on outerwear and accessories, so we’ve hand picked each wholesale clothing item to check for high standards of quality throughout.

Wholesale Knitwear

Knitwear must be of an excellent standard for the comfort of the wearer, that’s why each of our wholesale scarves, glovesand hats have been chosen specially for their exceptional quality and bargain budget prices. Within our wholesale knitwear selection you’ll find typical winter knitwear as well as branded character knitwear for children and even novelty items suitable for fancy dress and seasonal occasions. We recommend stocking knitwear seasonally, with fancy dress and novelty items stocked all year round to cater to the celebration and party markets.

Wholesale Underwear & Accessories

While knitwear may be a primarily seasonal option of wholesale clothing stock, wholesale underwear, bags and umbrellasmay be stocked all year round. These items give you the option to offer customers fantastic bargains on non-brand name, yet high quality, underwear essentials as well as novelty bags for children, perfect for the start of each term, and a selection of umbrellas for everyday use. Customers will love your selection of clothing and accessories when you buy from MX Wholesale.